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An adventurous world for your ants

Create your own landscape with sand, rocks, dirt and plants. Let your imagination fly! Our OutWorld is the perfect size for any ant colony to hunt, forage and have adventures in.


With a completely new Outworld design, that has increased in height, you will get the chance to be more creative when building the landscapes for your ants. The lid is split into two, creating a small and thin ventilation hole. If you have very small ants then one of the lids can be turned around to cut the hole in half. Making it harder for the ants to escape. If they are still too small, the other lid can also be turned around to remove the ventilation hole completely. Instead you will simply have to open the OutWorld up every once in a while to bring in some fresh air.

An OutWorld is the perfect space for your ants to explore things. Fill your OutWorld with whatever you want to – from sand to stones and plants. Create your own inspiring landscape where your colony can hunt and forage for food and supplies. Why not create several worlds for your ants?

– Clear design let’s you see all the fun
– Can be used with and without the lid (when using it without the lid we recommend applying a PTFE material to the insides of the walls)
– Two entrances (16 mm in diameter) for further expansion
– Ventilation gap that helps keep the air fresh


x1 Outworld
x1 Tube (≈20 cm)
x1 Stop

Length: 180 mm
Width: 120 mm
Height: 85 mm

Material: Acrylic

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Customer Reviews

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Kirill Slabun
Very Well Build OutWorld.

I would give this outworld a review somewhere between four and five stars. The outworld has a lot of strong and positive attributes, but there is still space to improve. My favorite part of the outworld is that the walls are glued to each other, which is excellent for the small ant species. However, the glue smelled terrible, and I had to leave the outworld in the open air for some time to eliminate the smell. I do not know if the glue is toxic, but I did not have any problems after I got a bad smell out. The outworld came very well packaged, and nothing was broken. The outworld has relatively big holes for the tubs, allowing bigger diameter tubs for bigger ants. Overall, the world is very well built and performs well with all kinds of ants.