Since 2007

About us

It all began in 2007 when we launched our first site. Focused on facts about ants as well as the delicate art of antkeeping.

Five-star antkeeping.
Invented in Sweden.
Five-star antkeeping.
Invented in Sweden.
Five-star antkeeping.
Invented in Sweden.

For the love of antkeeping

Our site started in 2007 as a Swedish-only website called Myrstaden (meaning ‘The Ant City’). We later launched the site in English, and have since then spread the word about ants to all ages globally. Ants seem to fascinate so many, from young children to elders. The interest knows no boundaries.

Antkeepers is all about ants, and today we also offer five-star antkeeping products. We love ants, and we hope you do too. If you don’t, maybe you will after reading a few articles about them. Dig in; our site is full of interesting facts. Sounds weird? Trust us, it’s fun! Welcome to the world of antkeeping! 

OutWorld - AntKeepers

We are focused on quality and high-impact design. We want your antkeeping journey to be easy, beautiful and, most of all, functional.

Have you had a look at our Ant Facts section? We are super passionate about ants and how they live their life. All this knowledge has then been processed and turned into something useful for antkeepers out there.

Our products usually do not require much support. They are super easy to understand and get going with. But if you need help, we are here for you. Why not start by using our chat function here on our site?

Invented in Sweden

Our products are Swedish, designed in the heart of Stockholm. We are focused on making products that are both beautiful and functional. And of course, made to last. We ship internationally!

Unique design

The antkeeping hobby is growing. It is perfect for DIY projects and a great teaching moment for the younger audience. But sometimes you want something well-designed and unique that just works. That's our products.