Where to buy ants?

Want to buy an ant colony?

We’ve put together a list of links on where to buy ants. There are many reliable ant stores around the globe. Buying ants is easy since they can travel by regular mail.

Where to buy ants around the world

Ants are becoming more and more popular, and new ant stores seem to pop up every now and then. But, why buy ants? Many antkeepers want quality and this is what the ant stores can offer. If the seller is doing a good job you won’t find dead ants on arrival or guests in the form of parasites. Many of the stores sell single queens or queens with workers.

Buying ants in cold weather? No worries – many of the ant suppliers can add a heat pack to the package. Normally the ants have no problem getting through the mail, but with cold temperatures it might be a problem. Therefore the heat pack is a good idea.

Most ant suppliers also sell formicariums, anting decor like stones or plants (both real and plastic, food and test tubes.

Ant stores selling ants:

Antstore (Germany)

Ants Kalytta (Germany)

Ant Dealer (Germany)

AntKit (UK)

Antsrus (UK)

Ant’s Kingdom (Netherlands)

Mierwinkel (Netherlands)

Ant House (Spain)

Ant Site (Hungary)

Ants Flandern (Belgium)

Ant Keeping Depot (Australia)

Ants Everything (Australia)

Tar Heel Ants (US)

Ants from Asia (Thailand)

Mrowkoyad (Poland)

AntCity (Ukraine)

BEAnts (Belgium)

Ants of Europe (Finland)

AntAntics (Wales)

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