My First Ant Colony (pdf)

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Everything you need to know to get started with keeping ants!

This is a digital book with everything you need to get started keeping ants at home. “My First Ant Colony” covers a lot – from acquiring ants, their formicarium, how to fulfill their basic needs and much more. When you’ve bought the product you will be directed to a download page.


Table of content:

– The history of ants
– Acquiring ants
– Starting a colony from a single queen
– Buying ants
– Formicaria
– Food
– Hibernation
– Things you might need when keeping ants
– Don’t do this to your ants
– Progression sheet
– Books about ants
– Ant guide keeping ants my first ant colony

What are the pros and cons of different types of formicaria? We’ll dive into what you need to keep in mind before starting out.

Ant guide keeping ants my first ant colony history
How did ants end up as.. ants? Let’s time travel together and try to get our heads around the history of the ants and their colony life.

Ant guide keeping ants my first ant colony gear
Practical tips on how to catch queens, take care of and develop your ant colonies and also things you don’t want to do to your ants.

AntKeepers progression sheet for ant colonies
Of course we’ll give you our Antkeepers Progression Sheet as well. Print it out and check the boxes when your ant colony expands. From your first worker to a super colony. Good luck!

AntKeepers My First Ant Colony PDF
“My first Ant Colony” was designed for both the beginner and the not-totally-new to the hobby. The book provides something for everyone in both learning and excitement.


x1 Digital PDF of "My First Ant Colony". Sent through e-mail immediately after purchase.
x1 Digital Progression Sheet for printing

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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Levi T
As 1st time Ant keepers for our 7yo Boy. The info available is fantastic

ANT Noobs :joy:

Lovely, we really appreciate the feedback! :sunny:️:ant: Good luck with your antkeeping!

Ianto R
I bought this guide for my 10yr old son as he’s a new ant-keeper. It’s a really clear and compreh...

A great little guide

Wow – what an amazing review. Thank you very much and good luck to your 10 year old antkeeper!

james meehan
I am a beginner and have very little experience. The book was very encouraging and I thought very...


Thank you! We're so happy you enjoyed the book.

Susan S
Easy to follow and very informative.

Love it!

Susan, thank you very much for your review. Good luck with your antkeeping!

Gordon C
This is an excellent book as an introduction to ant keeping - i hope that in the future you can e...

Great Book

Thank you Gordon! That’s very kind of you. We too hope for more guides of different levels in the future!