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Your Antkeeping Adventure Begins Here

Are you looking for a complete package to start your antkeeping journey? Our AntKeepers Starter Pack is designed to provide everything you need to create a thriving miniature world for your ants, whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned enthusiast.

This pack includes a Nest Large for your ants to call home, an Outworld for them to explore, and a 3 ml liquid feeder. You have the option to add a red lid or not.

In the Starter Pack, we include the Feeding Tray as a free gift with purchase!

Nest Large (Add Red Lid): No

Nest Formicariums: Experience the wonder of ant colonies with our Nest Formicariums. Inspired by natural ant nests, these habitats come in three sizes that connect seamlessly, making expansion easy. The clear acrylic top lets you observe your ants up close, while the revolving door provides secure and fun access. Made from eco-friendly materials, including 60% wood, and featuring a humidity-providing sponge, these formicariums are perfect for creating a thriving ant environment.

Outworld: Enhance your setup with the Outworld, a beautifully designed exploration space for your ants. Made from 40% wooden fibers and 60% biobased plastic, this eco-friendly habitat stands on four legs to mimic natural ant emergence. The clear, seamless acrylic box offers unobstructed views, and the easy-access lid with detachable ventilation ensures your ants are comfortable. Connect it effortlessly to your Nest Formicariums or standard tubing and test tubes.

Liquid Feeders: Keep your ants nourished with our convenient liquid feeders. Designed for easy use, these feeders provide your colony with essential sugar water, ensuring they stay healthy and active.

Feeding Tray: As a special gift with purchase, we've included a practical feeding tray. This handy tray helps you maintain a clean and organized habitat, making feeding time simple and efficient.

Why You'll Love the AntKeepers Starter Pack:
- Comprehensive Setup: All the essentials to start and grow your ant colony.
- Eco-Friendly: Sustainable materials that are kind to the planet.
- Engaging & Educational: Perfect for hobbyists, families, and educators.
- Customizable & Expandable: Easily adapt and grow your setup as your colony thrives.

Start your antkeeping adventure with the AntKeepers Starter Pack. Create captivating miniature worlds at home and experience the magic of ants in a whole new way. Order your Starter Pack today and bring the wonders of the ant world into your life!


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Nest Large (Add Red Lid): No

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