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Nature-Inspired Ant Habitat

Our new Nest series is the ultimate ant habitats designed to bring the fascinating world of ants into your home. Inspired by natural ant nests, these formicariums come in three sizes that seamlessly connect with our unique Antgates, allowing you to expand and customize your setup easily. The unique revolving door mechanism provides secure and fun access to your ants, while the clear acrylic top offers an unobstructed view of your colony.

  • Made from 40% wood fibres and 60% biobased plastic
  • Clear acrylic top to give the antkeepers perfect views
  • Revolutionary rotating doors which allows for closing and opening of the nest
  • Designed to mimic the intricate architecture of natural ant nests
  • Humidity-providing sponge
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Discover Nest Formicariums: Miniature Worlds at Home
Welcome to Nest Formicariums, where smart design meets nature's genius to create fascinating miniature ecosystems for your ants. Whether you’re an experienced antkeeper or a curious beginner, our formicariums will transform how you interact with your ant colonies.

Beautiful & Smart Design
Nature-Inspired Aesthetics
Nest Formicariums are designed to mimic the intricate architecture of natural ant nests. Available in three different sizes that fit together seamlessly, you can build a cohesive and expandable ant home. The organic design is not only beautiful but also creates the perfect environment for your ants.

Easy Expansion with Antgates
Expanding your ant habitat is super simple with our Antgate connectors. Attach multiple formicariums together to give your ants more space to grow and explore. This modular system makes it easy and fun to create an exciting ant home.

Revolving Door
Our unique revolving door adds an extra dimension to your antkeeping. By turning a cogwheel, you can easily open or close the nest entrance. This makes caring for your colony both practical and enjoyable, while keeping your ants safe.

High-Quality Materials & Clear Views
Eco-Friendly Construction
Nest Formicariums are made from a durable plastic blend containing 60% wood materials. This makes them both sturdy and environmentally friendly. You can feel good about making a responsible choice for both your ants and the planet.

Clear Acrylic Top
The clear acrylic top gives you a fantastic view into your ant colony's life. Watch the queen, workers, and brood as they build their tunnels and chambers. This transparency makes it easy and fun to observe and learn more about your ants.

Humidity-Providing Sponge
Nest Formicariums are equipped with a special sponge that distributes moisture throughout the nest, creating a comfortable environment for your ants. Simply open the lid to refill the sponge with water, making it easy to maintain the right humidity level in the habitat.

Why You’ll Love Nest Formicariums
- Fun & Educational: Perfect for hobbyists and educators alike, offering a fascinating glimpse into the world of ants.
- Modular & Adaptable: The design allows for easy customization and expansion as your colony grows.
- Safe & Easy to Use: The smart revolving door makes it simple to care for your ants while keeping them secure.

Enhance your antkeeping experience with our Nest formicariums. Bring the wonders and complexity of the ant world into your home with a habitat that’s as innovative as it is beautiful. Order now and create the perfect miniature world for your ant colony!


x1 Nest Medium
x1 AntGate
x1 Sponge

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